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Training Program

Gap between the current Education System and the Industry demand:

  • Lack of sufficient practical knowledge
  • Less proficient in Core soft skills
  • Limited awareness on Corporate working environment
  • In the fast moving world, fresh engineers are also expected to be ready-made and productive.
  • Companies need to invest time and money to prepare the graduates to their requirements.
  • Except few large corporates, most of the Companies do not have the training infrastructure.

Nearly 75% of the present day engineering graduates in India are not yet Industry ready.

World Bank /FICCI

How do we address the Skills Gap?

FACE offers Certificate Training courses, designed specifically for various disciplines and Industry sectors, covering a wide spectrum of Industrial and Corporate aspects.

The training courses offer structured advancement in necessary practical Engineering skills along with the Core soft skills that are required in the Corporate environment for a strong entry and better career prospects.

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